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About us

In Bulgaria & Southeast Europe, we are a leading supplier of polymer materials based building systems, structural Polycarbonate, solid Polycarbonate, PMMA and other polymer materials with special properties. Polyplast is a leading brand across the markets in the region.

Our products & construction systems cover applications ranging from general construction, interior design, sound barriers, signage advertising fixings and modern energy efficient greenhouses.

We have constructed important facilities encompassing Polyplast products and unique advanced materials. Some major projects are: glazing of multiple Sofia subway stations, above ground tunnels, structures in the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant, Madara factory-Shumen, numerous indoor pools, tennis courts, as well as small projects such as residential buildings, small sheds in private properties, train and bus stations in many municipalities and many more. We have also supplied materials and building systems for the construction of major municipal infrastructure projects such as transparent roofing structures and sound barriers of Municipality of Burgas, internal partition and interior design elements for modern office buildings. We also served hundreds of smaller end-users for small and DIY projects.

We always maintain competitive and affordable prices due to use of new and innovative manufacturing technologies.

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